About Us

Back in the late 90's I was at a cafe in Parnell. I ordered a coffee and the waitress brought it to me. The table I was sitting at was wobbly and as I leaned on it my coffee spilt into the saucer. I was so annoyed about it that I thought to myself - Why doesn't someone come up with a wedge to stop this! In an instant I knew what the wedge would look like. I then thought I could make it and I just knew it would work. But, I did nothing about it until about 2008 as I was busy doing other things.

2 x Wobblys in hands MID RES2

I decided I would call my idea the Wobbly Wedge. I got help making prototypes, tested them and then made an injection tool. Finally after about 8 months I made an initial test run of 1000 of each size and gave away sample packs to cafes and restaurants to try. After 2 weeks of walking the streets I got my first sale in the 'real world' at a restaurant in Aucklands CBD.

I felt reassured about the Wobbly Wedge so I kept showing them to restaurants as well as distributors. Some distributors then stocked it and offered the Wobbly Wedge to the hospitality market. After about 12 months I then managed to get the Wobbly Wedge into the Bunnings Warehouse chain, some Mitre 10 stores and other independent homeware/hardware stores.

Window Jam

I have other products that I will produce that help take care of 'niggly' problems. At this time I'm still building my client base and trying to get the Wobbly Wedge to overseas markets.