Don't let the wobblys drive you nuts!

The WOBBLY WEDGE™ helps make things steady. It is simple and effective. It is designed to jam in to most gaps on most surfaces. It can be used right side up or up side down. The WOBBLY WEDGE™ can be stacked and wedged in to those really BIG gaps. The secret is its concave surface. Objects won't slip off it too readily. The WOBBLY WEDGE™ can be used as a spacer or a furniture castor. It will also absorb vibration under some equipment and help reduce running noise. It is discreet and made from clear yet tough PVC. If noticed at all the WOBBLY WEDGE™ is aesthetic.

Montage FLAT

The Wobbly Wedge™ works;

  • as a door jam
  • under fridges and dish washers
  • under washing machines and dryers
  • under table legs on an uneven surface
  • under office furniture and equipment
  • under outdoor furniture & BBQ’s on decks
  • under desktop computers and printers etc
  • as castors for couches and other furniture
  • under equipment in workshops and on benches
  • under most wobbly things that drive you nuts!

The simple Wobbly Wedge™.

Your best weapon in the war against Wobbly!